Carpe diem

Willkommen auf unserer Homepage!


Sie finden uns in Kirchheim/Hessen, Im  Wiesental 19, wenige hundert Meter von der BAB-Abfahrt, gelbe Hinweisschilder weisen Ihnen den Weg zu uns.

Geöffnet haben wir immer an Sonn- und Feiertagen ab 14.00 Uhr.

Unser Kuchen ist garantiert selbst gebacken und variiert von Mal zu Mal.

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Important advice to our international visitors:

Dear friends from abroad,

whenever you`ll travel by car through Germany on Motorway A 7, A 5 or A 4, from North to South, from West to East or the other way round, you will reach sooner or later the Kirchheim junction in the middle of Germany. Stop immediately and:

Have a break here,

leave the Motorway A 7

and enjoy our hospitality!

On Sundays we offer you a relaxing atmosphere in our cafè "Museum Scheune an der Aula" and a variety of self-baked fresh cakes. If you prefer some "stronger regional food", we will be glad to serve you "frisches Bauernbrot mit Stracke (self-baked farmer bread with special sausage) or "Bloatz" (traditional self-baked cake of bread, potatoes and onions). Together with a pint of our special beer called "Kreuzberg Bier" you will feel like heaven.

Well, afterwards, perhaps it might me better, when somebody else continue the journey on the driver seat. Or you decide a stop-over in our resort "Seepark" or in one of the hotels close to our café.

So, don`t hesitate to visit us! "Yes, you can!"
We are looking forward to welcome you in our "Scheune".
In the meantime all the best to you!

Best regards,

The "Scheunen-Team"